Welcome to Katwa Municipality

Dear Citizens,

Let me convey my sincere thanks to the honorable citizens of the Municipal Area of Katwa for continuously providing us their support as we meet the halfway mark of our A present legislative term at this Municipal Office. We are extremely delighted to see that the voice of support to us has echoed with manifold amplification as heard from all corners of the state as per people’s verdict given in the recent LockSava Election. We fill proud to be remunerated by people’s acceptance as we always tried our best to earn their trust and favor by offering our honest, hardworking services. It is always our dream to elevate ourselves to an unattainable and enviable height in terms of providing the best Municipal Service to the denizens of this Municipal Area and we are committed as ever to achieve our mission. I hope to have your wholehearted support all the time with the same spirit of passion you have always shown to us and promise to provide better and even better Municipal Services in the days to come. Please help us not only by doing your duties regularly as a Municipal Dweller but also by contributing your strong moral support to us as you always did

Thanks and Regards